15 Amazing Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar

15 Amazing Uses of Apple Cider Vinegar


Apple cider vinegar is one answer to the old question some people in many parts of the world face: what do you do with your left-over apples?


Apples make for great treats and amazing snacks, but you can only eat so much of them — as fruit or in the form of a snack, a treat, or a baked dessert.


Historically, one way people dealt with excess apples is to ferment them not into wine or any kind of alcoholic beverage. Instead, you let the sugary mash ferment thanks to yeast and other microorganisms to produce vinegar.


This happens when any naturally occurring alcohol made by the fermentation process is exposed to open air. This exchange will push the bacteria in the mash to turn alcohol into apple cider.


Apple cider vinegar is a fairly common type of vinegar, and it’s used historically to flavor food as well as a condiment. People have been known to dip their bread into a combination of olive oil and some sort of vinegar.


Historically, Greek doctors starting with the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates himself, prescribed this type of vinegar in a solution with honey to take care of colds and coughs.


Apple cider vinegar has not just been historically popular as a medicinal and culinary item in the Mediterranean and northern Africa.


It has been used in China for alternative medicinal purposes as well. Besides acetic acid, which qualifies it as vinegar, it also contains a healthy dose of vitamins B and C.


Clinically, it’s been known as a metabolic regulator. In fact, several studies have shown that apple cider vinegar slows down the human body’s rate of converting carbohydrates in foods into blood sugar. No wonder apple cider vinegar has been quite popular among people looking to detox diets or some sort of cleansing.


But besides medicinal uses, apple cider vinegar can be used for the skin, hair, and as a general tonic that can help boost your health and possibly prevent illnesses.


If you don’t know where to start with using apple cider vinegar for health purposes, here are 15 amazing uses of this tasty yet very useful type of vinegar.


  1. ACV can be used to treat dandruff because it balances the scalp PH levels therefore reducing dandruff. Mix equal parts of water and ACV and massage to your scalp, leave on for 15-20 minutes and rinse.

  2. ACV can be used for hair care, to get shiny hair by using it as a hair rinse. Rinse hair with 1 tablespoon of ACV diluted in warm water after shampoo & conditioner and leave it in your hair.

  3. ACV can be used as an aftershave lotion. Dilute equal parts of ACV and water and apply to skin after shaving.

  4. ACV can be used as a facial toner because it has antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and balances your skin’s PH levels.

  5. ACV helps lower your blood sugar levels. It helps diabetics get their blood sugar levels under control.

  6. ACV can aid in weight loss because drinking or consuming ACV helps you feel full therefore you are eating fear calories and may lose weight.

  7. ACV can help lower the risk of cancer.

  8. ACV is helpful to relieve and soothe sore throat because of its antibacterial properties. Dilute with warm water to use as a gargle or take sips of warm ACV tea.

  9. ACV can be used for baking cakes and making candies. It enhances the texture for cakes and adds extra flavor to candies and caramels.

  10. ACV can be used to whiten teeth. It is known to effectively remove stains because of its acidic nature. Rub a small amount of ACV on your teeth with a cotton ball to remove stains.

  11. ACV is effective in removing warts. It naturally kills warts because of its acidity.

  12. ACV is effective for eliminating fleas from your furry pals or pets. Mix equal parts of water and ACV and spray on your pet.

  13. ACV is an effective toothbrush cleaner. Mix 1 cup of water with 2 tablespoons of ACV plus 2 teaspoons of baking soda, soak the toothbrush head for 30mins and rinse before using.

  14. ACV can be used as a mouthwash. It helps clean your mouth because of its antibacterial properties. Dilute 2 tablespoons for 1 cup of water and use as a gargle or mouthwash.

  15. ACV can be used as a weed killer. If you have unwanted weeds growing in your garden, just spray the areas with undiluted ACV.

The Final Word on Apple Cider Vinegar

Not only is ACV quite handy when it comes to personal hygiene and every day uses around

the house, one of the main reasons people prefer this type of vinegar is its distinct taste. It not only has all sorts of amazing, off the beaten path, uses, but it also tastes great and makes for a great stand by staple in every home’s pantry.