How to Keep Your Family Safe From Biological Attack

How to Keep Your Family Safe From Biological Attack

A biological attack, also known as a biological germ or biohazard warfare, is the intentional use of organic or non-organic toxins that affect the body. It can also take the form of using infectious agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other types of germs.


These are specifically designed to cause harm to any kind of life. We are talking about humans, plants, and animals. While a lot of biohazard materials are intentionally designed to cause harm, others are already naturally harmful and cultivated on a mass-scale for biological warfare purposes.


During a biological attack, the antagonist will use the biological weapon to either threaten a whole nation or a specific geographic part of a territory. In many cases, they target a group of people.


Biological attacks are intended to cause death, illness, and most importantly, fear. Many biological attacks are fairly small-scale in nature but the panic that such threats pose causes more problems than the actual attack itself.


Ultimately it leads to huge economic damage that may take many years to resolve. There are two types of biological agents typically used during a biological attack. These are transmissible agents which are biological or biochemical compounds that easily spread from one organism to another. Some examples of agents that cause adverse health effects when exposed to people are anthrax and botulinum toxin.


Biological attacks are dangerous because the agents or compounds used are very unpredictable. Often, they are very difficult to control once they are released into an area. And depending on when it happens, they are usually hard to detect. They can easily spread through air in the form of aerosol action or through food or water contamination.



How Do You Keep Your Family Safe from Biological Attacks?


Now that you have a good grounding on what forms biological attacks can take and how they’re usually carried out, here are some basic ideas on how to prepare your family for the unthinkable.



Have A Family Emergency Plan Ready


This is the most crucial part because many people think that a biological attack is the kind of thing that you hear about in the news but doesn’t really happen to people you know. While most people can accept the possibility of a biological attack, they believe that it’s just so improbable that they really fail to plan.


Now keep in mind that when you set up a family emergency plan it should also cover more probable events such as fires, natural disasters, water damage, and that kind of thing. But make sure to include portions on biological attacks.

This way, when you go through your existing emergency plan, even improbable events such as terrorist or biological attacks are included so that your family is somewhat prepared. The event is not completely out of mind.


At the most basic, everybody should be familiar with what to do when a biological attack happens, how to contact each other, and how to keep themselves safe during an attack.



Have An Emergency Supply Kit or Emergency Bug-Out Bag Ready


The kit should include basic supplies that can cover biological attacks. This includes anti-shock medication or over-the-counter medications to take care of basic symptoms. On top of that, your emergency supply kit should have non-perishable foods, water, battery-powered radio, first-aid kits, flashlights, batteries, sanitation, and hygiene supplies.


It’s also important to make sure that your family is stock with N95 masks because these come in handy during chemical attacks. The last thing you want is for your family members to inhale poisonous, toxic, or noxious gas.


It’s also crucial that your battery or solar-powered radio is included in the emergency kit because, in case of a biological attack, you will definitely hear from local authorities. Usually, they would have key information that would either prevent your family from getting harmed by a biological attack or give your basic information on how to minimize the damage of such an attack.



Install High-Efficiency Particulate Air Filters In Your Home


It’s important to keep in mind that there are many different air filters available in the market. Some air filters use materials that are very loose and wide apart. Aside from actual dirt and grime floating through the air, it only does much when it comes to filtering biological agents in the air.


This is why your family must install, at the very least, HEPA filters because these do a good job in filtering out viruses, fungi, and bacteria that have become aerosolized. Also, to get a handle on potential chemical pollutants in the air, you might want to consider activated charcoal filters as an added layer to the air filter that you’re already using for your home.



Include the Following Supplies


You should also have duct tape, plastic covers, and scissors handy in case of chemical threats. When you get notified that there is a gas attack or some sort of airborne threat, you can use plastic covers or panels and cut out sections of them and place them in areas that let in air from the outside.


You then tape over their edges to keep the bad air or gases out. You should cover doors, vents, or any other openings to prevent chemicals from seeping into your home from the outside. Keeping the chemical or agents outside your home is essential to keeping your family safe.

This procedure should be a key part of your emergency plan. Make sure that the covers are already pre-measured for the openings as much as possible.



What to Do In Case of A Nuclear Attack?


In the case of a nuclear threat, prepare emergency supplies that last for two weeks. Nuclear threats are almost hopeless situations because if you get caught up in the middle of a nuclear blast there’s not much you can do unless you have access to a deep bunker.


Still, if your home is at the periphery or some distance away from ground zero of a nuclear attack, you should stay home for an extended period. Having enough supplies to make it through this period is crucial.



Other Tips


Get familiar with your community’s emergency and evacuation plans. During biological threats, listen to the news on the radio or TV, or the internet to keep yourself and your family informed.



Cover Your Mouth At All Times


As much as possible, wear N95 masks. If you don’t have these, make sure that your mouth and nose are always covered with thick fabric.



What to Do If Exposed to Chemical Agents


If your skin gets exposed to chemical agents, take your clothes off and wash yourself thoroughly with soap and water. Do not get the liquid into your eyes. If you start showing chemical sickness or any kind of biological shock, seek professional medical help.


As much as possible, keep your family safe by making sure that they don’t go outside. They have to stay home at all times.